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The mission of Studio Inspire is to offer a safe, drug-free experience to promote balance and wellness. I seek to empower my community in their healthcare journey and hope they may find the offerings of Halotherapy(Dry Salt Therapy) and Sound Wellness to be powerful additions to a wellness routine.

As the owner/practitioner,  I am committed to helping you find balance in this stressful time. An RN for 30 years, I have discovered that  self-care is the heart of a healthy lifestyle. There is a Chinese saying, "Don't wait to dig your well, until you're dying of thirst". This applies to our health in such a profound way.

Please stop by or email if you have questions about the services and I would be happy to chat.

Diane Mrkvicka RN, Certified Halotherapist, Bliss Bowls Practitioner, Qigong Level 1 Instructor



Salt Therapy
Series of 3/$50

Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) is a private, touch-free service. Spend 15 minutes relaxing in the Salt Booth while the Halogenerator grinds the salt into microparticles that penetrate deep into the lungs.  Salt is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and super absorbent. You will feel a sense of calm and your lungs and sinuses will be clear and open.

Image by Julio López
Sound Wellness

A Sound Wellness session is a touch-free or light touch service using the gentle sound and vibrations of a  Tibetan singing bowl while you relax and unwind in a relaxing chair. These soothing sounds will calm the mind and penetrate deep into the body dissolving blockages and bringing your mind, body and spirit into harmony. 

Point of 100 Benefits

The Point of One Hundred Benefits is a Thai accupressure treatment that uses touch to stimulate and open the points around the spine to help melt stress and tension from the neck and back. Feel as if your tension has melted back into the earth.

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