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What to Expect

All Studio Inspire services are meant to be wellness or complementary treatments. Please consult your Health Care Provider prior to booking. Studio Inspire does not diagnose or evaluate health conditions.

Guidlines and Expectations

1.  Please reschedule if you are ill, not feeling well or recent infectious exposure.
2. Cover your cough and sneeze. Dry Salt Therapy will initiate a cleansing of the sinuses and respiratory
tract. This is a normal response.
3. Please arrive free of harsh fragrances including perfume and cigarette smoke.
5. Wear regular clothing. Dark clothing may show a light dusting of salt, but can be lightly brushed off.
6. If using Dry Salt Therapy for a skin condition, the area may be exposed for treatment. Please no open
wounds and please consult with your HCP and Studio Inspire to ensure the treatment is appropriate.

Studio Inspire strives to provide a safe, clean environment for you to enjoy our services by adhering to the following precautions.
- Regular cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces between sessions.
- Allowing ample time between sessions.

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